Friday, February 11, 2011

The GW Realm of Battle Board

A lot of talk went around the web when this monstrosity was introduced:

Plastic Legions has a good write up on this board here

For that price of $290 (USA) it should be the best thing since sliced bread. However if I add up all the tables I have built or ruined in my 15 plus years of miniature gaming and the money I have wasted because I had to move and trash my huge table I realize if I had something like this back then my troubles would have been solved.

I am not the best hobby artist. Anything I could paint on this table to make it look great would be basecoats and a lot of drybrushing. I am not even that keen on flocking it. Storing it would be no problem and the occasional twice a month game I would have means that getting it out and using it would not be a momentous problem. Since it is durable, modular to allow smaller games, and easy storable this table was a no brainer for me. Also it appears my car has gotten smaller over the years and hauling pieces of wood from Home Depot is not an option. I can walk right into the Chicago Battle Bunker and get this table so I think I will. It allows me the freedom to have a couple of buddies over when I want to game in peace and it gives me a massive project to undertake in the spring once it warms up around here.

I will keep everyone up to date on my progress should I go ahead and pull the trigger on this purchase.