Thursday, February 24, 2011

Warhammer game three: Skaven versus the High Elves

I switched roles Wednesday night and played what will be my main army after several tests which is the Skaven. I got together with an old buddy at the GW Battle Bunker and we battled it out in a small learning game that surprisingly had a lot of tense moments. One thing I like about Warhammer Fantasy is that in small points, even though your champions and magic won't be that great, you still can have a very fun game.

We played 750 points and I took two 30 clanrat blocks, a warlord, and a 19 model unit of Stormvermin. On the side I had a warpfire thrower weapon team and a level 1 warlock engineer with a warplock pistol.

Our magic was limited to just one spell a piece but that made it easy to get the flow of the game. On the opposite side I was faced with a pointy eared force of 10 swordmasters, some archers, a bolt thrower and a solid block of elf warriors as well as a level 1 mage.


This time we actually used deployment and while at first I was not happy with my setup a few factors and things I did paid off. First off the warlock engineer I had I kept out of the unit so he could skulk around and get spells off from cover and use terrain to his advantage. I didn't want his mobility hampered by being in a unit. I put my warlord in the Stormvermin unit and that unit had a +1 combat resolution banner.

The second thing I did was hold my big combat unit in back and let the blocks of clanrats eat arrows and missile fire as I bore down on the elves. The Stormvermin did not get into combat though as fast as I wanted and really did not make an impact until turn 5.

By the end of turn 4 I had the battle under control but was being threatened by my opponent's last unit which had broken and cut down my clanrats on my left. The time for decisions had come. I could either get the Stormvermin into combat with  a miraculous 15 inch charge or turn to take the brunt of the spearman attack.

I also had a unit of clanrats left on my right. I had to get those archers he had at the back of the table off the board since they were picking me apart. Meanwhile on the right my warlock and warpfire thrower had managed to take down the bolt thrower.

My opponent lost his mage in turn 2 with a double 6 roll followed by a Dimensional Cascade. Since then I had had free reign on the magic turn and my little Rat Caster was running around zapping everything with lightening.

As turn 5 started I faced my fate and decided to DOUBLE CHARGE the archers with the clanrats and the stormvermin. This got me away from the spearman and allowed me to possible wail on the archers before it was over. His stand and shoot was nearly ineffective and I rolled high enough on both charges to clear the over 1 foot I needed!

My attack worked and the archers broke and fled off the board, as did my stormvermin in the pursuit. In turn 6 my warpfire thrower laid a full template on the spearman killing 8 and they broke and that was that. The battle was over and the Skaven were victorious! I cant wait to build more and get this army fulling rolling...and use a warp grinder to make some tunnels!