Saturday, February 5, 2011

Warhammer High Elves underway and some podcast notes

Get ready this post has LOTS OF LINKS. Follow them all for more information.

Taking a slight break from wargaming this month to kick start my miniatures addiction again so here are some starting photos of my assembly and pre painting of the High Elf army I am building.

The game in question is of course Warhammer Fantasy Battles. While I am doing this my buddy and soon to be podcast co host Daryl has started a Warhammer 40,000 army and collection. He lives in Florida so we hope to cover the genre from two different states.

This is not our first miniature gaming coverage. If you check out our YouTube channel you will see we were all over Adepticon last year as well as GenCon 2010. I won't be going back to GenCon this year electing instead to check out Chicago's comic book shows and Wizard World. Adepticon 2010 Part 1

Yes that is right. I said PODCAST. The Blunt Force Gamer podcast is already up here at this I-Tunes page and at this Pod O Matic site however those two were simply tests before we expand our show.

Along with wargaming news the podcast will cover our hobby attempts. This is to be further developed later down the line. We hope to have episode three up sometime this month once we iron everything out!