Saturday, March 19, 2011

1500 point Warhammer Fantasy Battle Dark Elf vs Dwarves battle

Some local friends of ours got together for a battle today at the Chicago Battle Bunker in Downers Grove and had a good fight of it. You can see all the pics and read the report over at Druchii Battle Reports.
Today's battle featured my Dark Elves against Mike's Dwarfs. It was a very fun and close game. Mike is a great general and it was enjoyable to have a player like him across the table. We fought a 1500 point pitched battle. My strategy was to counter the dwarf anti-magic by bringing none to the table. That's right, no sorceress or spell casting at all. I went for maximizing shooting, mobility and number of models with only one magic item: a Banner of Murder for the Corsairs to give them Armor Piercing.