Tuesday, March 8, 2011

40k Grey Knight price lists leaked

A few blogs and miniature gaming outlets are letting fly the fact that the upcoming Grey Knight price list has been released and there are a few cover images of the Grey Knight codex floating around out there also.

From various outlets and blogs we have learned the following (all prices in pounds)
Grey Knight Codex Softback – £17.50 RRP

Grey Knights Boxed 5 man Set -£20.50 RRp

  • A Grey Knight Squad

  • Interceptor Squad (Can teleport 30″ once per game)

  • Purgation Squad (Heavy Support can have psy-cannons, psilencer or incenerators. Have psyk-out grenades and can fire at targets the can not see due to Astral Aim.

  • Purifier Squad (Elite Squad with 2 attacks and the cleansing flame psychic attack)

The Grey Knight Nemesis Dreadknight – £33 RRP

Grey Knight Terminators / Paladins – £27.70

(Paladins are two wounded ws5 terminators with apothecaries)

Lord Kaldor Draigo – £13.80 RRP

(HQ choice that makes Paladins troops and grants D3 universal special rules)

Castellan Crowe – £10.25

(Makes Purifier Squads Troops)

Jokaero Weaponsmith – £7.70 RRP

And lastly the cover image: