Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blunt Force Gamer Episode 8: Pre Adepticon episode. Our convention plans, Jonny P interview, and what makes a gaming club?


Episode 8 is a short 35 minute or so podcast about our Adepticon plans, what we are working on in Warhammer Fantasy and also what makes a gaming club? Is a gaming club more than just a bunch of people on a social networking site? We think so.

Join us for all this and more in an action packed half hour before the weekend and Adepticon 2011 hits!



In episode 8 we cover:

  • - An interview with Jonny P from Zlurpcast

  • - Our Adepticon plans

  • - What makes a club a gaming "club"

  • - What armies we are working on in Fantasy

  • - A little gaming club history for us

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