Saturday, March 5, 2011

Headbanger's Ball Blood Bowl Tournament comes and goes

Well my first official Blood Bowl tournament is over and I have to say I didn't do as bad as I thought I would. Sure in a total of 4 games I only scored 3 times but I think that my defense was pretty solid all day and I really gave my opponents some headaches. In fact in game 3 I jipped myself a touchdown by not going for it and really should have only lost 2-1. For some reason I always forget to go for it I guess I just do not trust my luck.

I brought my Lizardman team Extermination Event which consisted of 6 saurus, 1 kroxigor (the hero of game 1 with 3 kills) and 4 skinks. We were allowed to give each player one free skill and I went with block on all the saurus to match up with Dwarf teams and then I took Jump Up on the skinks. I played the kroxigor normal because I forgot to give him a skill.

Another thing I want to bring up is my pairings. All day this is what I played: Dwarves and Chaos Pact. First game was against Dwarves, next was against Chaos Pact then Chaos Pact again and finally I rounded out with Dwarves! Yippee! I hate Dwarf teams with a passion. This was no exception since they already had the best skills to start and the tournament allowed one free skill of standard choice for every player it only made them tougher. Throw guard in with block and my day was full of bashing and trying to stay alive.

Game was against Kornholio a Dwarf team that I beat 1-0 on a late play in the second half where I blizted the ball carrier and got a skink to scoop up the pigskin and run off with it.

Game two was against the co-host of Zlurpcast Xtreme and I came away losing 2-0 which I consider lucky. I had a few good hits.

Game three was against a Chaos Pact team that I had a chance to score on but forgot to push my luck. Also had some bizarre bounces in this game that killed my hopes of making any headway on offense. I failed to pick up a ball on a kick off and it went out of bounds and scattered 12 squares into the opponents team and that was all she wrote. I also had 4 casualties inflicted on me that game.

Game four was tough at first. I started out down 1-0 early and with 3 dead. I rallied back and was leading 2-1 late in the game on turn 15 but just did not have enough people to stop the other team and he scored on turn 16 to tie it 2-2.

All in all it was a good time but I was burned out by game 4. I hung in there and was a lot riskier in my last game and it paid off. With Lizardmen you have no finesse players so you have to force the skinks in and pull off some nutty moves. For my first tournament in any game EVER I will take a 1-2-1 record and lick my wounds.

Headbangers Ball was put together well and run by Jonny P over at Zlurpcast. Take some time and check out his site here:

The results? Well I was not the last place coach but I was NEXT to last! You got points for a loss and casualties so even if you didn't win you could put a hurting on people and try to salvage something. In all games but 1 and 3 for me I failed to really cause casualties and that was killing me.

He ran a great event and even had crazy rules like the Metalhead who was a extra player on the pitch that roamed around in control of the player whose turn it was. There was also a rule about mosh pits and special kick off and weather tables. Well prepared event and there was a great turn out at the Chicago Battle Bunker of 16 coaches. Good times for all Blood Bowl players as we had the entire half of the large game room.

Next up for me a 2000 vs 2000 game at the Bunker in Warhammer Fantasy Sunday. Busy week of gaming!

You can see pictures over on our official Facebook Page here:

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