Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Teaching the game

Tonight at the GW Battle Bunker in the Chicago burbs we finally come circle in our little gaming group and pick up two new players. While all of us have been friends for a while in one circle or another (even in World of Warcraft) this is the first time we have all been on the same "page" and playing the same gaming system. Long gone is Warhammer 40k and in is Warhammer Fantasy. I will be teaching a new player the ropes while Jonny P will taking on Valdric and his dwarves in a 1500 point battle.

The thing about the game is although you may have the basic rules down it takes a while to learn the nuances fully. This includes deployment, proper use of dispells, tooling up heroes and lords, unit block size, reforms, and much much more. Tactically the game is as sound as ever and presents a broader and much more fulfilling wargaming experience. A few weeks to learn but years to master it seems. You can have multiple armies but you really need at least 15 or so games with one to learn how the units behave and will perform.

I plan to bring a few examples of all the troop types and then show the basics like movement, combat, cavalry and magic. This also gives me a good excuse to bust out those Vampire Counts models and get some on the table as I rev up my second army. The initial painting of the test model is done for the Grave Guard. I attempted to use just 4 colors and get the thing done in under 20 minutes and it worked out quite well. Of course I have 39 more to paint but Skaven come first.

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