Thursday, May 12, 2011

Advanced Tactics Gold designer lessons

Victor Reijkersz Designs blog has up a tutorial on how to use certain weapons and other aspects of his latest title Advanced Tactics Gold. I have avoided this title because it involves mostly random periods in time or serves as an engine for all types of wargames. I usually like a certain fixed time period or to not have to rely on user created scenarios like Lord of the Rings battles or things like that. To me it is just too open ended and subject for mismatched scenarios.

At any rate I am sure the designer made WW2 scenarios in the game are done quite well but I will be waiting for the next Decisive Campaigns title myself.

Here is a snippet from the tutorial on the blog:
Rifles and SMGs are the 2 variants of basic infantry that are available to all regimes. They can come come in level I,II,III and IV variants. Both requiring the same “Rifle/SMG II/III/IV” research fields. It is only if you start a game in stone-age mode that you still have to research a seperate “SMG Infantry” research field before you can produce any SMGs, in all other cases Rifle and SMG are immediately producable upon starting a new game.

Rifles are more versatile then SMGs and can be used in any landscape type. However if you know that a lot of the fighting is going to take place in close quarters like urban and forest terrain you are advised to produce SMGs instead of Rifle. SMGs are only 10% more expensive to produce, but they give 25% combat bonus attacking and defending in forest, fortification and urban landscapes.