Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Decisive Campaigns hints on moving to the Eastern Front

From a Wargamer interview:

Post Scriptum: A word for people looking for more Decisive Campaigns

I know a lot of people liked my previous title Decisive Campaigns: Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris and have been looking forward to a next title. Being a small developer it is hard to work on multiple titles at the same time. However now that Advanced Tactics Gold is in the final stages I am looking forward to pick up work again on Decisive Campaigns. I am planning to move to the eastern front with that engine and make a large number of smaller and bigger improvements as well as adding some new features. Upon release of the next Decisive Campaigns title I also plan to release a big update for Warsaw to Paris! I hope to give some more news on development of Decisive Campaigns a few months after the release of ATG.