Sunday, May 15, 2011

Disposable Heroes Weekend

Managed to get a lot accomplished this weekend. The first night on Friday night we played one game of Disposable Heroes where a French force (1940) had to recon into a town to try and cut off suspected German assaults. The Germans came in with two tanks and scores of infantry but the French held the two buildings in town by the end of turn 5 and secured a victory. One German squad was gunned down and almost wiped out trying to assault a building.

We learned many rules and got a ton of things wrong so we vowed to read up and exclude vehicles and buildings on our next fight until we had the rules down.

Day two on Saturday I returned for more with my French. Early in the day however my friend and I built mini's and worked on our armies then played a super fast game of "occupy the hill" with nothing but two squads in a very wide open field. The hill in the middle of the board contained an apple orchard and would be the site of a lot of bloodshed.

Though the French had a last ditch "sneak" move and tried to lay down fire on the Germans they were outnumbered in the apple orchard and lost the game on Turn 5. On the left flank a score of Germans were killed as was almost all of the French "blue" squad.

In game 2 we also left our "dead" on the battlefield. You can see the German casualties behind the fence Both sides actually had good luck with grenades in that game.

Yesterday we got the rules down a lot better and only missed a few things. We are getting closer to mastering the infantry portion of Disposable Heroes. I am working on building an FAQ for myself and all who play.

Pics below are from both days: