Saturday, May 14, 2011

Does GW hate its customers? Restricts independent retailers from selling to countries such as Australia and New Zealand

Sigh here we go again. It seems that GW is ever tightening the noose on internet retailers of their products. First online stores are forced to send you super secret PDF's through the mail or have a hush hush list of GW products somewhere on their website and now this.
Well it seems the giant in the wargaming business has decided otherwise and thus is trying to bar independent retailers, those in Europe and in the USA, from selling to costumers in the southern hemisphere.

Communities in Brazil, Argentina and other affected countries have been ablaze as word has reached us that GW will soon enforce new terms and conditions regarding trade accounts which will, plainly speaking, be an embargo on the sales of GW products from independent retailers to costumers located in the southern hemisphere of the globe.

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