Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dystopian Wars: Armoured Clash


No teasing, well not too much I hope. We've developed a set of free ground combat rules that we'll make available as a PDF download. Called Dystopian Wars: Armoured Clash the rules are all about controlling Armoured Battle Groups that are supported by Army level units (artillery, large flyers and so on) and part of these rules are ground troops that can destroy AFVs, but also capture bunkers and hold objectives.

We've got part of the forum primed for their arrival, finishing off the PDF with examples and images, and we aim to have them out in early to mid June. Well that's what Andy tells me.

Spartan Neil

Spartan Games is pleased to announce the imminent arrival of Armoured Clash, our first set of community rules that we are making free to download from our web site at www.spartangames.co.uk. During the development of the Armoured Battle Group boxed sets it became clear that not only do we LOVE to play large games, but we believe our customers do as well!

This is where Armoured Clash steps in. Centred in the world of Dystopian Wars, the rules are designed for large scale land combat with commanders pushing numerous units around a battlefield, the command and control of which is key to their success. So if playing with one Armoured Battle Group excites you – think what 2-3 boxes, plus support models, will do to your blood pressure!