Thursday, May 26, 2011

Upcoming blog expansion, podcast on hold, and Flames of War Cassino

While I search for a job and Darryl relocates we will be putting the podcast on hold for a bit. Until then I plan on expanding the blog to talk about all sorts of miniature gaming and other wargames including boardgames and PC wargaming once more. So think of this spot and our Facebook page:

as a little bit of a catch all for all the wargaming news you can handle. I will be stepping up my postings since I don't have time to podcast at the moment so stay tuned and keep us bookmarked!

Now in other news take a look at the hotness that is the upcoming Flames of War Cassino expansion!
A Sneak Peek at Cassino

With the release of Cassino set for June, we thought that we’d wet your appetite for the Italian campaign by taking a sneak peek at some of the upcoming releases associated with this great, new book.

There were simply too many exciting new figures and models to show you so we decide to pick some of our favourites for you to enjoy.

Panther TurretPanzer II Turret

Panther TurretCassino Cover

5cm PaK38 Nest

5cm PaK38 Nest5cm PaK38 Nest