Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Well its not 28mm but....

My love of all things WW2 has forced me to reapproach my feelings and the way I used to try to play Flames of War. My friend and I decided to reenter the FoW scene while ignoring the message boards, power gamers and tournament mind set and just focus on playing the battles we want to have fun with.

Before we rushed in too fast and didn't really take the time to learn the rules like we are with Disposable Heroes. Also we were on the Eastern Front which is a tad too armor heavy. 

We are going for about 1000 points straight up infantry with support in 1944 France. This matches a lot of what we are doing in 28mm scale and we have also agreed to do 1940 France with Blitzkrieg rules from Flames of War also.

The best thing? All the skirmish campaign books I have for 28mm will work with 15mm. Which gives us tons of options in either scale.

I have two grenadier platoons on order and today picked up some STUG tanks and some PAK 40's