Thursday, June 16, 2011

Apple TV installed and operating smoothly

Over the past few weeks I have been investigating alternative methods to using my XBOX 360 to stream my media through my HDTV. Since I wanted to sell my XBOX because I never played console games I had to decided between my top two streaming media boxes as a replacement: Roku or Apple TV.

I decided to go with Apple TV due to the small size of the box, the fact that I have a lot tied to my ITunes account, and the quality of most Apple products. I got my kit in the mail today and proceeded to hook it up. It took all of 5 minutes and I was up and running. One HDMI cable from the Apple box to the TV, a power plug and a network cable was all it took.

The box is operating smoothly and after a firmware update the Netflix streaming seems fine to me. I have also logged into YouTube and watched videos through that with no problem. My ITunes account is set to home sharing so I can stream all my TV shows and movies that I had in ITunes through my television. I can also play all my music, listen to podcasts and find radio stations as well as MLB TV through the box. I won my device on Quibids for 54 dollars. Not too bad and now I can sell my console system and free up a lot of clutter in and around the TV area which can only make the significant other happier. Scoring brownie points via works for all of us.