Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flames of War Wednesday sees a rematch

This week it is a rematch of the battle we fought last week on the eastern front.

Last weeks battle was humbling after I ran into a pack of Soviet SU-152's and realized how they can wreck an entire platoon of Panzer IV's. Heading back there this week to square off once more, only this time we are shaving the points down a bit with the Germans reduced to 2000 points total and the Russians at 1750 total.  This will be a team up game so I will get 1000 points and I am bringing all armor and a unit of 105's.

My army looks as follows:

1 Command Platoon of Panzer IV's

2 Panzer IV Platoons

1 Motorized Artillery Platoon (4 guns, 105's)

1000 points won't buy much especially since we are using the older Fortress Europe book to accommodate some newer players and make the game a little more even across the board.