Sunday, June 26, 2011

My next project: Great Battles of History by GMT Games

Along with trying to learn Advanced Squad Leader one step at a time I will also be learning Great Battles of History starting with the SPQR (The Senate and the Roman people) Deluxe boxed set.

You can find out more information on that here:

I will start with a good three part tutorial that GMT Games has on their actual site. You can follow along with it by using VASSAL and watch as he moved the pieces and explained things by listening to an MP3 file at the same time

So you will want VASSAL:

This module: (unzip that so that you have .VMOD file)

And these audio files and log files:

4th link down

Then you double click the 1st LOG file and VASSAL will launch, tell it you want to be an observer and you can follow along with the MP3 audio file while wearing headphones and at your PC.

You can step forward in VASSAL as he talks using the arrow in the upper left in VASSAL to forward the log file.