Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No more Games Workshop articles on this blog

As of today we will no longer be posting anymore Games Workshop news updates or articles about their products on this blog.

Since that company seems fit to legally go after people that have long backed their products, go after people that sell their products, and are in general crude and determined to offend or handicap anyone that gives them free publicity then we will be boycotting them on our blog.

Never have I seen a company that is so determined to shoot themselves in the foot as Games Workshop is. The final straw for us was them going after Waaaghcast after three years of that podcast delivering quality content about GW games and the Warhammer gaming community. Follow them on Twitter for more:



GarageHammer got nailed also:
David Witek

Apparently GW has decided that the Garagehammer bumper stickers infringe on their property. We don't use their font so we are confused.

Want more? Even MiniWargaming is getting into the ring with a recent video. A video which I think is way too nice to GW and the powers that be. You can see it below. Warlord Games even took the time to announce new releases and take a stab at GW in the funniest quote of the week:
"Finally Cast

Our Testudo is finally back in stock after a long hiatus and we are
also releasing some new vehicles for trade – Wittman’s Tiger and the
Sdkfz 250/1 Neu Halftrack.

We were thinking of doubling the price and
branding them “Finally-Cast” but we haven’t

Along with their underhanded business dealings with local gamestores and the way they treat their employees enough is enough. The people that are die hard GW fans can continue to throw money at them but for the past couple of months I have been done with it. Not speaking for Darryl but for myself the entire Games Workshop mythos of their invicibility already wore thin with me years ago and recent events have just shown to me that I do not simply like them myself. From the way they treat their so called "specialist games" to how they blatantly shovel Lord of the Rings into your face in lieu of supporting more quality titles the company has steadily just gotten under my skin.

When our podcast comes back, IF it comes back, I will not be talking about GW or any of their products. I will leave that up to Darryl if he wants. Instead I am going to go full press onward and purposely give free advertising and product discussion to anyone or any title that will take business away from Games Workshop. The only thing holding that company together in the United States is that fact that they have stores all over the place and saturated the market with locations to play their games. That is changing however as many people move and local clubs spring up all over playing games that do not sport the GW logo. I will do all I can locally to assist this. I have talked to various game store owners and learned about the tactics GW tries to push on owners that want to carry even a percentage of product. I have heard stories of how they treat employees. I used to ignore it because I did at one time like their games. However as their titles are driven more by selling a set amount of miniatures now rather than fun gameplay I quickly learned to see past the hype and now rarely even enjoy their rules systems. Warhammer 40k has long been a broken ruleset with 5th edition, Lord of the Rings is a poor skirmish system for which they ignore their better titles in swapping shelf space for a movie license they are stuck with, and Warhammer Fantasy while better in this iteration is still a march forward until you collide and roll dice affair.
"I think everyone has to make their own decision on when it's gone too far, affordable or not. The last few months have persuaded me this is the moment the gaming models of the two big systems no longer match my interests. There's plenty of alternatives to Games Workshop as a source of hobby materials, whether new settings, rules or miniatures, much of it surprisingly low cost."

Most of their talent, like Priestley and others, have moved on to make better rules systems and forge more friendly companies. Companies that understand that the internet is a tool to help your gamers and reach out to them not punish them and their customers. Expect more Dystopian Wars, Malifaux and Warmachine coverage here.

That is all I wanted to say. I will leave you all with the MiniWargaming video. A video which for the most part is tame in comparison to what I would say. If you think for one moment that the GW move to resin was motivated to help the customer save money and that the price increase was not planned ALONG with a move to resin to cut GW costs but then charge us more then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you.

Until then enjoy the news we post here and enjoy other sites as well as us. However don't rely on us for Games Workshop information anymore. While I enjoy hearing from the readers comments on this article will be closed because of the nature of GW fanboys to post responses about things they do not know about. In general the typical GW fanboy has tried one game or maybe two. They live in a bubble where they rarely venture out to see new games or try new things and arguing with that subset of INEXPERIENCED gamer is not something I feel like doing on a daily basis.