Friday, June 3, 2011

No "stealth" price increase from Battlefront

 In regards to this dumb rumor:
New BF commonwealth infantry platoon includes company command. For these extra 6 figures they have put the price up to £17.00 GBP instead of the usual £11.00 GBP
I used to think that £11.00 GBP was a bit pricey but at £17.00 GBP BF have lost the plot!!
"Hey guys, just to dispel any myths about price rises and hopefully settle the doom and gloom that this thread is evolving in

The blister comes with a total of 49 figures (not 30 or 40 like most infantry blisters)
3 Command stands (9 figures)
1 PIAT stand (2 figures)
1 Light Mortar Stand (2 figures)
6 Rifle/MG stands (30 figures)
Upgrade figures for Sticky Bombs (3 figures)
Additional riflemen (3 figures)

The additional riflemen are in there so that you can have some options about which figures you want to use, i.e. if you dont like prone figures, or guys holding looting chickens etc. Personally I'd be using these extra figures to enhance the flavour of my other stands in the army.
As for the sculpts themselves, they ROCK! I have my Infantry Aces commander sitting on my monitor stand here at work…. Never in the field of human conflict have so many chickens been stolen by so few!