Thursday, June 2, 2011

Storm Warden: Update 1


Just a quick update here about my Storm Wardens Project. I have finalized my 500 point list going into the escalation league down at Phoenix Games. As a heads up the escalation will be running on Wednesday and Friday. Come to either day to make sure you units get veterancy throughout the campaign! Also, pictures of the league, completed and painted armies, will be up Friday evening. Oh, and without further adieu, the list:


Master of the Forge


10 man Tactical Squad

-Missle Launcher


-Razor Back

5 Man Scout Squad


-Melta bomb on Sergent

Land Speeder Storm


This list gives me the flexibility to hold objectives relatively well and hold my own in annihilation games. The drawback however is the high kill points for the low point value. Most armies I will be up against field around 3. Another thing to recognize is people tend to write off the Land Speeder Storm. Either way, the list is incredibly fluffy to the Storm Wardens lore (a tleast the small bit of it that exists.) It is also great fun to play.
Tune in for the next update!