Wednesday, June 22, 2011

VASSAL Fighting Formations rages on

Made some nice steps yesterday in the first game I am playing via VASSAL. While not the most excellent use of tactics in a game and being given some very nice leeway since I am a new player the Germans advanced in all areas of Scenario Zero and put a lot of pressure on the Soviets. I have managed to destroy a good chunk of Soviet armor with well placed STUG shots and my infantry has for the most part rallied and is preparing to assault and take out the Soviet objective at H7. This will be continued later this week so we will see what happens! This is how the turn started for me yesterday in the shot below. After surviving Soviet air strikes on my armor I managed to rally and push the objective in  hex H7 with a massive amount of small arms fire dumped on that hex via the MG 34 platoon in hex F4. That platoon has since moved into the woods across from the building and my other platoons of infantry have assaulted the hex containing the Soviets. You can see this in the last screenshot.

I am not too worried about the T-34 up north as I have immobilized it. As it stands now most Soviet armor is under control and my tanks are relatively free to roam in and do some harm. I still have not been able to rally the Grenadier platoon in hex G7. They were rattled and for the life of me now I cannot get them back in the fight. More later!