Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3 games of Combat Commander today

1 regular game and 2 in the Mediterranean where I played the British both times. I played the allies all day long and ended up with a 2-1 record after an all day frenzy of the game that lasted from 11 am until 6pm

Game one was the standard starter scenario Fat Lipki which I won after a disastrous melee attempt near the end of the game wiped out the Germans and my opponent conceded.

Game two was the Crete battle and the Anzacs versus the Fallschirmjagers. This game went right down to turn 7 which was one more than Sudden Death. When the game ended, thanks to a random scenario objective placed by an event, I lost 1-0 since I had captured one less objective and not exited enough men off the board to make a difference. This game was right down to the wire and I was about 7 hexes from victory. The German paratroopers were tough as nails.

Game 3 was a laugher. African desert, scenario 23 from the expansion and a wide open map British vs Italians. We started in trenches and I had artillery which didn't hit anything until the 4th turn. As we neared the end the Italians spawned a hero from an event and things looked grim. The Italian player went for it and lost  a melee which eliminated a majority of the units on his right. With all his other units broken from nasty combos and fire I played my opponent conceded and we called the game.

All in all a super fun time and I cant wait to play more this Sunday. Then it's back to Squad Leader. I learned today however that I play much better when dice are not involved. That also means there is a lot of random play in Combat Commander that can change things in an instant before you can recover. It is a catch-22 and I am not sure if I miss the dice or if I like the card play better.

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