Friday, July 22, 2011

Latest updates on Panzer Corps modding

Straight from the Slitherine newsletter comes a list of really cool mods for the newly released Panzer Corp:
Although only just released there is a very active community beavering away to create all sorts of mods and new scenarios. The built in scenario editor has been praised for its ease of use and this can be seen from the wealth of new content that has already been created. Here is a snap shot from the

scenario design and modders forum.

  • Hammer4000 is working on a map that covers all of Europe!

  • NickGen is working on a Cold War mod with loads of new units.

  • El Condoro has created an invasion of Australia scenario.

  • Locarnus  has modified the campaign flow to give an option that keeps it completely historical.

  • HBalck  has created new units - a motor cycle, bicycle infantry and horse drawn transports.

  • El Condoro has created a Kharkov 1943 scenario

This is just a small sample of what is going on. Check out the forums for more details. As you can imagine - if this is what has happened in one week, how much content will there be in 3 months time or a year!