Monday, July 11, 2011

New downloadable titles from HPS Simulations


  • Now available via direct download in addition to CD: 

Civil War Battles: Campaign Chancellorsville
Naval Campaigns: Guadalcanal
Musket and Pike: The Renaissance
Squad Battles: Vietnam
Future Force was designed for The Army Command and General Staff College to help train military leaders in force management and resource allocation. It is not a traditional type of wargame - players do not move counters on a map and engage in specific combats.

Instead, it portrays the short term and long term effects of decisions the players make in deciding what force structure to create and maintain, where to allocate resources, and how to effectively manage the Army’s budget during a simulated twenty-year period against current and emerging threats.

During the game, the player seeks to find balance between the following tasks:

  • Conduct intelligence & counterintelligence

  • Prioritize theaters of operations

  • Manage strategic lift capability

  • Create new units

  • Update existing unit capability

  • Conduct Research & Development