Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pathfinder at last

Finally one year after the last GenCon (which sadly I am not attending this year) I will be stepping foot into the world of the Pathfinder RPG once more. This time I will be playing and my buddy is DM'ing along with 4 other players. We have a solid group that will be meeting weekly to hammer out some hardcore adventuring. We are all starting at level 1, no wizards or summoners. Our starting town will be Vigilance which is a small outpost on the edge of the frontier. Who knows what awaits us. I will be rolling a cleric however as that is just what I like to play.

To contribute and help our DM out (and my Advanced Squad Leader Jedi Master) I picked up the Paizo Publishing Dungeon Map Pack today at my local store. It is a nice set of laminated dry erase capable map tiles that can be arranged to simulate corridors etc etc.

I have thought about using Descent (from Fantasy Flight Games) tiles as well.

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