Monday, July 18, 2011

Squad Battles: Red Victory

Finally got around to reinstalling and playing Squad Battles again. I usually avoid the more modern titles since I just dont like the way they play but of course I do have the WW2 titles.

Red Victory is one that I did not dive too much into and instead opted to spend more time in Eagles Strike or Advance of the Reich. I decided to crank up Red Victory and play the getting started scenario today and the Germans do not have a fun go of it at all in that scenario.

After shattering 9th Army's lines near Bobruisk, Konstantin Rokossovsky, commander of the 1st Belorussian Front, committed his exploitation force, the powerful Pliyev Cavalry Group, into action. Pliyev's tanks and cavalry stormed the German defenses behind Berezina River and kept the momentum in the marshlands of Pripyat.

On 27 June, the 1st Mechanized Corps move into Glusk, sweeping aside the remnants of the German 35. Infantry Division. By 1700 Soviet armor were pouring through a gap at Glusk in the direction of Slutsk. A very important railway junction, Slutsk was vital for the Soviets for keeping the momentum onwards Baranovichi and later, Minsk. Frantically gathering reserves from other sectors, German command committed a newly arrived paratrooper unit, Kampfgruppe Schirmer to block the seemingly unstoppable Russian spearhead before Slutsk.

Right off the bat the one thing you do not want to see in turn 1 is a stream of T-34's advancing down the road toward your dug in infantry. Luckily I do have at least one PAK40 gun and in turn 4 it made quick work of two T-34's advancing down the road. I will play this battle out and see how it goes. For now below is a screenshot of that PAK40 and the T-34 it immobilized: