Friday, August 26, 2011

Pathfinder and Global Agenda Update

More RPG playing the past two weeks and very little wargaming unfortunately.

My Squad Battles Red Victory tournament ended quickly as I had to face guys that not only play tested the scenario but knew exactly what hex to move each unit into to ensure victory. Not fun.

Turning to video games Global Agenda, a game which I pre ordered last year and played for a bit before becoming terribly bored, is ramping up its PVE content with a new free expansion.

With a busy work month I have not had a chance to get down and dirty with more Advanced Squad Leader or Lock and Load. That will change next week hopefully.

Monday night Pathfinder is going well, and now we are starting a Tuesday night online group as well. Should be fun
Notable expansion additions include:

  • New Open Zone with several instanced missions, quest chains, mid-high level
    content, vendors, social spaces

  • New enemy bots – encountered within Open Zone as well as instanced missions

  • Daily Repeatable Quests – for solo agents and teams. Some quests take place
    in zones, while others send teams into Recursive Colony hive nodes and ruins.
    These quests include new 4-man defense Raid missions – now available to smaller
    groups (1-4) at lower levels (20+)

  • New Dyes, Flair, and Trails – rewards for winning missions, completing daily
    quests,  rare bot drops, others given via achievements

  • New Pets – new pets available as rewards and crafted items.

  • New Blueprints – for consumables and mods

  • Easier crafting – components now within the zone, to help with leveling
    crafting skills

  • New High/Max/UltraMax missions entering the Spec Ops queues

  • New PvP Map – Push Dust will be entering the Merc queue from Beta

  • New PvP Acquisition/CTR Map – Colony Caverns will be entering the Beta Queue

  • Revamped Intro Missions – Tutorials now include class-specific elements to
    help train new players

  • Some quests now affect the state of the world (example – Brownouts in Dome

  • Ability to transfer between different Open Zone instances (and VR Arena)

  • Open Zone cross-instance chat channels

  • Disconnect to Character Select Screen without re-login

  • Improved Vendor Item Previewing