Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Today's ASL game came down to the wire: Released from the East goes to the Russians

Eastern front 1941. Winter battle. Russians get special snow camo movement rule.

The objective: I had to take two of three buildings from the Germans by the end of turn 6

The result: on the very last movement of the game I dash a squad of Russians ACROSS a road, into German fire, make my morale check on a hit they take and jump into the 2nd building to claim it and win the game!

We had some crazy stuff this game. I used a demolition charge early to blow the Germans out the middle building. I also broke two machine guns but fixed one...only to break it again.

Late game a dice roll of a natural 2 created a German fanatic in the exact hex I was trying to assault to win the game.

On Turn 1 3 of my squads got shot up to half squads just entering the map and trying to take the middle building. However my Russian persistence paid off and on several gutsy moves I melee'd the Germans and took the building. My plan worked as I drove up the middle, split his forces and then focused on his weakest side. However when the fanatic was created it forced me to ignore my original plan and attempt to sneak a squad into the last building. Basically I won the game on a die roll and it paid off.

All in all another excellent game and once again my opponent played me down to the very last possible movement.

Pictures are included below, some chits are spread out to show what was in the hexes.


[caption id="attachment_4535" align="aligncenter" width="649" caption="The game winner: an exhausted Russian unit runs into the building"][/caption]