Friday, August 12, 2011

Vikund the Cleric is set

With our first group meeting next week I finally got my Pathfinder character fleshed out and he is ready to join the ranks of the 4 other party members in my RPG group.

I used Hero Lab (along with the Core Rulebook) to help create him and present a nice character sheet and printout. We are from the town of Winston Ridge but most of us will be making the trek to the frontier town of Vigilance at some point on the first evening we meet up.

On another note I played Descent Wednesday and will play again next Sunday. We learned it is a tough go for a person that tries to play the game with ONE hero. Not again that is for sure. I slaughtered him easily. When I return to the game we will tweak it so that he does not have to play 3 heroes at once and reduce the card draw for the Over Lord player.