Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blizzard's Real ID just saved me 25 bucks... for now

I have a warrior on another server. My girlfriend has a character on a different server.

REAL ID to the rescue. We became friends on Real ID and then grouped cross server and off to the Dungeon Finder we went. Technology folks. Now I dont need to really pay for a server transfer at least until I hit 75 or so (he is 44 now and she is 48). Since I dont quest and just run dungeons to level this is a no brainer and very easy to do.

Something that 90% of today's "new and cutting edge" MMO's dont even launch with. Especially that failsack of a game SWTOR. And its not like WoW is even old really in technology standards. How hard would it be to launch with a LFG Finder or cross realm action built in? Apparently for Rift and Star Wars its 2001.

And their games play like it!

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