Monday, February 6, 2012

Darkmoon Faire

The Darkmoon Faire has me addicted :

I didn't think much of this place in the older days in fact it was a little dumb. Good for turning in cards to get a deck for casters but that was about it. In its new iteration it is a much more fun and viable place to waste an entire afternoon of playtime.

First off there are trade skill quests you can do that grant +5 to each trade skill which is sweet for those stuck at a certain skill level. Next you can use Darkmoon Faire tickets now to get Heirloom gear which is awesome if you fucked up and made a new BattleNet Account like I did and leveled up new characters only to realize your heirloom gear was on the OTHER BattleNet Account and could not be mailed over. Oops.

 Darkmoon Faire is of course its own zone now which is also nice since it allows Blizzard to give it a whole questing experience and not just put a few vendors out. For a new character this place can cause you to waste a LOT of time since there are achievements and things like that. Currently there is one called Faire Favor and it invloves doing all 6 tradeskill quests. Well I knocked out enchanting, tailoring, cooking, fishing and first aid only to discover I have no archaeology and have to actually level that dumb profession to 75 now to see the quest in the Faire. Same as I had to do with First Aid. 

So anyway off I go to try and get that achievement at least. In the meantime I did some Love is in Air achievements but I don't think I will go past the easy ones to get.