Monday, February 13, 2012

Dungeon FInder: I can't 5 man dungeons....yet. Also: Amalur sucks

Over the weekend I did not get a lot accomplished due to being either hung over or just lazy. Mainly I worked on my rogue some more getting his justice point total up there so I can purchase more gear that I am a year behind on so that I can then purchase more gear that will be outdated when Mists of Pandaria launches. It is a never ending cycle that...well....never ends.

I was going to purchase the blue dagger on the legacy justice point vendor but the upgrade would be very minimal for the 950 justice points. I could just save and get the set gloves and that would be a much greater upgrade. If no daggers come my way then I will take a look at the Throat Slasher. Taking another 1.80 delay weapon in my off hand would just gimp me so another Brainsplinter is out of the question.

So with that out of the way I ran NON HEROICS and was doing a ton of damage but I was not playing with the big boys. I am satisfied with how he is performing but I wanted to know each and every dungeon in NORMAL mode before moving to heroics. See I am the type of WoW player that studies and learns how to play my class. I am not one of these RETADIN scrubs or stupid ass DK players that charges in and stands in the fire.

That being said I am still amazed at how many NEW WoW players there are. And I am not talking Lich King new, I am talking Cataclysm new. People that have not even run The Nexus or Drak'Tharon Keep and do not even know where to stand or how to fight ANY of the Lich King bosses. It boggles my mind to this day, 6 years later, how stupid some players can be. Even if they are new how the fuck are they leveling? Are they literally questing all the way to 85? Not this guy. I havent quested at all since I came back. Every character has leveled through the dungeon finder. Which is one reason that keeps me coming back to World of Warcraft. I can learn my class, see how it performs, get loot and do the quests all in one shot.

Now granted sometimes questing pays off. You might get a good blue reward, cash or achievements. However I prefer to wait until level cap THEN go back and quest and get maximum gold so I can pimp my bank account.

I messed around on my 80 priest as well. All of his talent points had been refunded so I had to re-spec him and learn holy at the high levels all over again. Although I am at the same time leveling a priest that is 42 now the difference at lower levels to high levels is night and day. I have backed off on my tanking. I do not enjoy it as much as I used to mainly because I don't trust healers or DPS to know what the fuck is going on. Yet I still see terribad tanks. Tanks that go AFK, tanks that lag out, tanks that get turned around and lost in dungeons. Tanks that are not spec'd to tank (fucking DK's) the list goes on and on.

Look folks I cannot play every class. If I could I would 5 man dungeons. But I just cant. Im good but I am not that good. Also I need a new guild. The one I am in now is going no where and loves to PVP. Fuck that. If you want to PVP go play Counterstrike or Battlefield 3. Keep that the fuck out of my WoW raider preparation 

I also played Kingdoms of Amalur. Man that game sucked. Its Darksiders with a shield and chainmail. What an overhyped console port of a crappy fighting game. 10 minutes of that and I was back in Skyrim. 5 minutes of Skyrim I was back in WoW. Sorry I just like things to count :) Single player is not my

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