Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Man does the Old Republic suck as an MMO

Reasons why Star Wars the Old Republic FAILS as an MMO

I guess in this day of hand holding in an MMO and making things as easy as possible for the idiots that punch a keyboard and play these things in today's gaming world SWTOR would be the perfect game for them. But not for this guy. This game fails on so many levels its actually pretty funny. I would have just preferred KOTOR 3.

No meaningful UI customization. Oh wait...ITS COMING SOON. Hello....2002 called they want their MMO back. How much was spent on this game again to produce it? What is funny is the TOR fanboys jumped all over that stupid trailer that promised features that any MMO after 2004 should have launched with. Man people will buy anything.

- Even without Mods, WoW and Guild Wars both allowed me to change a lot of things in the UI.... and TOR just doesn't. It's a real step backwards.

 No macro support.
 No mods.

No taking short cuts:

- If you try to stray off the beaten path, you'll soon realize you can't.

Weak character customization.

- There will eventually come a time, when you'll wonder if you're speaking, or if it's another player in your party. The graphics are terrible also.

Poor combat responsiveness.

- You know when you get a bad mod, and nothing in your UI responds very quick and has a lot of latency. It's a feature in TOR now.

Lifeless mob and NPC spawning.

- I'm not sure how to explain this, but picture groups of 4 mobs standing next to each other, quite obviously waiting to be killed by a player. Served up like little dishes for you. NPCs standing at static locations, that never move. Now, think of an NPC in Skyrim going about their day, moving from their home to their job location, chatting with other NPCs along the way, and returning home at night to sleep. I know that MMOs are going to have lifeless mob and NPC spawning to an extent, but for some reason in TOR it feels really jarring in how bad it is. Cities are bland and empty, zones feel like big boxes you have to quest in (like Everquest 1), the flight path system is HORRID, and its almost impossible to easily find friends and group with them.

Class based quests

- Yeah, you're damn right I listed that as a negative. Linear class-based story quests... basically splitting up my guild so that we can't quest together? I HATE THIS. Sure, my Jedi Knight friend can tag along while I do my Consular quests. But the entire time he's probably thinking "OMG, I want to get back to doing MY quests! This sucks!" Instead of "I'm happy I can get my quests done with my friend", which would be what he'd be thinking if his objectives were the same. Plus they're horribly easy and boring if done with 2 people.... leading to us not wanting to do anything but Flash Points with groups. And then good luck FINDING A group. The game is so easy everyone skips instances and heroic quests. This teaches morons how to NOT play their characters when the time comes that we need them to.

Lets add to this: I cannot CHOOSE where I want to quest. World of Warcraft may be a lot of things but at least if I want to take my DAMN DRAENEI and do quests in GOLDSHIRE I can. I can WALK or go where I want to. 

- Quest choices are a joke. They may make you "mean" or "nice" down the road but for the most part you can space bar through them or hit "1" "1" "1" "1"and get maximum companion points. Its the greatest smoke and mirrors marketing deception since Paul Barnett and Warhammer Online.

- TLDR version of the above (throw in no LFG also), this BS ruins incentives for people to group together, and makes the game less of a social experience, which is bad.

 The Classes are all awkward hybrids.

- OK, OK. Maybe not ALL the classes are hybrid abominations.... just most of them.
 PvP level brackets are broken

- Yay, a level 15 can fight a level 50 and somewhat fight back!.... wait.... why are they in the same PvP bracket? I... don't understand. The 15 is still missing a LOT of core abilities.... uh. How wasn't this seen as the most idiotic thing ever?

Broken MMO Mechanics

-  ITS DUMBED DOWN FOR MORONS. I mean really can this game hand you level 50 on a platter anymore than it does? Why not have that stupid companion quest for you while you are at it. Companions make everyone a single player juggernaut that can play the ENTIRE game alone until cap. Tanking is a joke. Everything is a joke. So is healing. For fucking hell a tank can TURN HIS BACK ON A MOB AND NOT EVEN GET STUNNED. WTF? No facing, no consequences, no anything but idiot retards spamming attack buttons.


- Biggest nail in the coffin right there. Dont give me some shit about making the community garbage either. RIFT has one for fucks sake and it works fine (except that no one PLAYS Rift anymore).

No point in joining a guild

- Guild controls are laughable at best. No guild storage. No guild achievements. No guild anything other than a stupid name over your head. Grats community.

In short: it has voice acting (big deal), its a good single player game with a few people running around in it that may or may not talk to you. Done. Well heck lets let The Escapist describe it:

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