Friday, February 10, 2012

Minecraft worlds

My other game that I play religiously is Minecraft. Since this game is wide open and basically what you make of it I usually play it like a giant adventure game. The addictive part is making new worlds and seeing what the game generates. I have rarely played one world long enough to actually "finish" anything substantial. I did at one point make a roller coaster minecart that took me across my vast building empire but since then I have limited myself to smaller constructions and concentrated on digging STRAIGHT down as far as I can. This usually either leads to an untimely death or finding more things to explore that suck 3-4 hours out of my life at a time.

This new world I generated was quite interesting. Quite early on I found a source of lava and constructed my home in the side of a huge mountain. Once I established myself I built sky bridges to get around faster then made an underwater tunnel down into some caverns beneath the lake. That is about as far as I have gotten but as I gain iron and make armor I am starting to stock up for a massive expedition.

Hey why not pop over to Minecraft Seeds and see what worlds you may want to generate instead of trying the random seed generator?

I guess that is what I like about the game. Every game turns into a mini Journey to the Center of the Earth (not the one with the ROCK). You have to prepare, get supplies and set off...not knowing if you ever will get back to your home. Below are some shots of my new world: