Thursday, February 23, 2012

Now I get it: It's the DUMB players that ruin it for all

In a PUG yesterday. Typical Ret Pally on the last boss in Vortex Pinnacle just stands there wacking on the main guy and doesnt even bother to move when Asaad makes the grounding field.

He dies during the fight. He calls out for a rez in group chat. An instant rez. Any player worth his salt would realize that there were no classes there can even remotely instant rez.


XP? Really? Thats what you are worried about?

Supremacy of the Storm goes off again. Retarded Ret Pally stands there wacking on the boss.

I guess all new players to this game expect every boss fight to be a giant pinata of loot. All you have to do is stand in one spot and auto attack the boss and mash your retarded ret pally buttons every now and then right? WRONG.

If you press "M" a map comes up. Each boss is on the map you idiot. Click the little HEAD PICTURE and it tells you everything a boss does. Right down to his abilities. You see even when Blizzard makes the game as EASY AS POSSIBLE people are still so fucking lazy they cant even be bothered to read something over.

Guy dies again. "REZ PLEASE FAST"

When I am healing I dont bother even trying to keep idiots like this alive. You know the types: stand in poison, stand in storms, stand in big dark cloud things etc etc. Let em die.

Finally I tell him off. I tell him he cannot keep standing there and to follow us into the grounding field. Its simple really. Guy actually tells me to "fuck off". Really? You are the one so stupid that you die twice to the SAME thing and then cannot understand that not every class in this game can instant rez.

A short time before he casts it, he will put a grounding field somewhere. You will be able to clearly see him draw the field's triangular shape with lightning. Get in there and wait for him - he will teleport inside the field as soon as it's complete and then channel the Supremacy of the Storm, which will kill anyone not inside the grounding field.


It is people like this, the idiots of the MMO population, that deserve a game like Star Wars the Old Republic. And the more the companies cater to these idiots the more dumbed down and stupid our games will get. Do you actually enjoy playing games like this or is it just me being pissy?

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