Friday, February 17, 2012

Priestly thoughts and some transmog action

So I decided that my gnome priest will be my next level 85 character and he is even further behind than my rogue. My rogue has gotten his gearscore up to about 351 which is ok but I need to get to about 371 to really take advantage of this expansion before it goes by the wayside. Coming in this late to an expansion sucks as everyone has the "been there done that" attitude and plays the game with less zeal than a returning player such as myself.

My priest is 82 and has a paltry 282 gear score but has no mana issues in the Cataclysm dungeons so far (regular ones). I spent most the day yesterday working his enchanting to about 505. He is also 700 achievement points behind my rogue who was a more accomplished raider in Lich King. My priest was a  recruit a friend free level benefactor back in the day. He went 1-60 in no time and then healed through dungeons only all through outlands and skipped right to Northrend. So his achievement level is a lot less than it should be.

I have to say I also am loving the transmog feature. It is another brilliant example of Blizzard expanding on this game to give players a huge number of things to do. I have seen some brilliant sets out there of people being creative in how they make their characters look. For example I always loved the floppy brimmed hat look of the Weather Beaten Fishing Hat. Now thanks to this new feature I can always wear it no matter what gear I get on my head. This feature is just one of many that make WoW a full featured game that sucks me back in after all these years. Polish, population, features and responsiveness are the key words of the day no matter how much you may hate this game.

Having healed some of the dungeons after being nervous at first I am getting the hang of them but you cannot escape idiotic players. Those are the ones I just have to let die. My spec is holy so I rely on AOE heals after the nightmare of such dungeons as Halls of Reflection in Lich King I just never went back to discipline. I also need to re-glyph since the last time I raided I was discipline which I hated. I need the power to spam heal everyone and do it fast and holy suits that. Cannot say I am a big fan of the MOP talent calculator it is almost a complete game reinvention. But that is what Blizzard does best with this game do they not?

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