Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rogue hits 85 in longest play stretch in recent history

You might notice a blog title and twitter account change. For the time being I am going to go solo due to time constraints with my podcasting partner and the fact that I am feeling too lazy to head up the entire operation for a podcast. It is a lot of work and I do not feel like devoting time to that when I could be playing WoW or doing other things on my day off.

Now to the news of the day. ROGUE HITS 85. This is just ONE of my level 80's to push forward. The only one I care about really other than my priest. The rogue has been around for a while and is always the first one to cap and get into the action. I love the way WoW handles the rogue class, by far the best one in any MMO I have tried and I have tried many. Playing a rogue "type" in Rift was a joke. EQ2: sucked. EQ1 was ok for its time. Other games have been so forgettable I dont even remember what it was like.

My GOD that took forever. I logged in in the morning thinking I could easily clear 84-85 and then switch back to my priest to get him to level 40 but getting 84-85 took me ALL FUCKING DAY (at least until 4:30 pm).

Not sure I want to experience the pain of doing that again especially with a holy priest. I had to pull out every stop in order to pump out that XP too. I am not a quester, I despise it. Basically I ran dungeons all day (capped my Justice Points) and did the holiday events and dailies I could find. I had to give in near the end of the day and do some Twilight Highlands quests and that is where I hit level 85.

Upon doing that I went to the bank, put on all the level 85 gear I had stashed for my rogue then went over to the Justice Point vendor and bought some legs, a neck and bracers.

My hit rating is dead on, my spell hit rating is dead on (for poisons) and I am geared enough to start heroics. Now the second phase of World of Warcraft begins for my rogue. And this will be the hardest one I am sure. Getting to 85 is just the start. Now I start over at 0 and need to gear up to hit the LFR.

I did experiment with the Transmog feature and took my shitty green shoulders and transmogged them to Shadow Pauldrons. Pretty neat little idea Blizzard has thrown in there. 

After enchants, gems and leg kits I am down to 10k of the original money I had when I transferred all my previously rich level 80's over. Time to quest for gold and run many, many dungeons.