Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rogue now 84, BattleNet balance

That didn't take long. While the significant other caught up to my priest (and passed him) on her hunter I was playing my rogue all night and constantly running dungeons and doing Darkmoon Faire quests. I also started archaeology and man that will be a bitch to level. I just want to get it to 75 though and I am done. Could really care less about that tradeskill.

I ran several dungeons over and over again last night and while my DPS was terribad at first I later always came in second (the tank was always first....always). I had initial issues due to the fact that I had the weapons in the wrong hands for my assasination build. I had the faster one in my main hand and it took me two runs and really horrible DPS'ing to realize what the issue was.I swapped the 1.8 speed to the main hand and the 1.4 speed to the off hand and all was back to normal.

Once I fixed that my rogue was off the races. I have had that character the longest. Started in 2005 and leveled up until 60 then waited for the Burning Crusade. Switched to a Blood Elf through NorthRend, raided even in those dark days when rogues were terrible in melee raid encounters with a lot of AOE.

He is back now and terribly undergeared. I cannot find a throwing weapon ANYWHERE above level 76 and that means no FoK in dungeons which makes me look like a scrub but I just link the charts and people shut up.

My priest is 37 and one behind the girlfriend. I have to rectify that tonight.

Also announced today is BattleNet Balance. I have no idea if this will ever impact me other than selling items for BattleNet money in Diablo 3. Here is the jist:

Battle.net Balance is now live! As we announced previously, Battle.net Balance is a new feature that gives players an alternate way to purchase Blizzard digital products and services directly through their Battle.net accounts. Players are now able add to their Battle.net Balance using a variety of payment methods, and then use that balance toward Blizzard Entertainment products and services such as World of Warcraft game time; paid services, such as realm transfers and character name changes; digital versions of select Blizzard games, including Diablo II and StarCraft II; and in-game pets and mounts. In the near future, players will be also able to use Battle.net Balance for the digital World of Warcraft Battle Chest and WoW digital upgrades. In addition, with the upcoming launch of Diablo III, players will have the option to use Battle.net Balance to buy and sell items in the game’s currency-based auction house.

For more information, check out the Battle.net Balance FAQ, or head to the Battle.net Balance page in Account Management to manage your balance.