Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tanking Cata

I got home last night and with the little lady out of the house decided to have a total and complete nerd night on the computer...with booze of course.

Hey why not we have the UFC Condit vs. Diaz fight Saturday and the Superbowl Sunday so my playtime will be limited.

About halfway through a bottle of wine and then hitting straight Vodka I decided to crank up some Diablo 3 after starting yet ANOTHER Minecraft world. Diablo 3 worked much better for me last night and the trick was turning down the AUDIO quality of my sound in game. Apparently there is an issue with on board sound cards in the beta that was causing the animation lag. I looked up the fix on the tech forums and off I went. And it was glorious. I started playing my Barbarian but after a while I got board with this attack style and went back to the Monk and let me tell you once you get that flying roundhouse kick he starts to KICK ASS and I fell in love with the game.

Here are my D3 beta screens:

I still feel that Diablo 3 is not as open as it previous version and that 3D holds it back but I did start to discover little hidden areas with bosses and things like that. I want to start a new Monk and see if the bosses in the hidden areas are random or if its the same ones. I loved Diablo 2 for its randomness.

After some D3 action I logged in my 81 Prot Pally and realized I could no longer Q for Lich King Heroics. There went my practice dungeons to learn my new rotation. I guess at some point I would have to tank Cata shit so why not when I was totally hammered?

I always tell my buddies I tank better drunk but to be sure I ran some heroics on my 82 Rogue on another server just to get the dungeon mechanics down. I jumped back onto my Paladin and got put into Throne of Tides which I had run a zillion times on my Rogue. Tanking this was easy. Next up was Blackrock and this would be the challenge. I knew the path, I knew the patrols and I knew what most of the mobs did. I had some trouble on ( Karsh Steelbender and we wiped the first time since I kept him in the fire too long. Keep in mind my vision was blurry and I was totally wasted on the Guild Mumble voice chat but sometimes you just gotta jump in and do it.

All in all we survived, no one died after that one wipe and of course I got no loot drops but the experience was worth it. Now I know these dungeons have been nerfed and I am about a year late to the party but it felt good to get back on the horse again so to speak. Two dungeons down and I dread Vortex Pinnacle. I hated that on my Rogue and I know tanking it will suck. But hey at least its not Oculus.