Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend of TV - Still have Warrior love

Did not accomplish much this weekend I am afraid. The guild was formed last week, we even have a webpage now which is converted from our lame attempt to actually like Star Wars The Old Republic. The page for the guild is still as basic as it gets but we removed the old SWTOR boards and converted them to WoW with a new theme.

Some people ask me when I will get tired of WoW. I won't. Over the past 7 years I have left or taken breaks but I always come back. No other MMO has held my attention for more than 2 months at best. I probably spent the most time in Star Trek Online and Lord of the Rings Online but other than that I never really make it past the free 30 days. The other games just do not stack up.

Now oddly enough I was in the mood to run some fast dungeons yesterday and ended up playing a 4  year old warrior I made way back in the day. He was the guild leader of the original AFK All Stars on Sen'jin and is the only member of that guild. The others players had not logged in for 4 years so I literally had to remove them and take the guild back over.

I do miss tanking with a warrior. I have a 82 on another server but when I hit the Cata dungeons the fun seems to fall off and it becomes more of a job. The early dungeons, other than Dire Maul and Mara, are a lot of fun and fast. My warrior went from 36 to 42 in the span of a few hours. He has no tradeskills and is lacking the very basic achievements I have on everyone else. I still have more fun tanking with him than I do my bear tank. Its the end game that makes it just no fun to be honest.

Other than that I ran some dungeons on my 84 priest and continue to do the cooking and fishing dailies in multiple cities to wrap up those achievements.

It was a weekend of a concert, 7 hours of Pay Per View and Free UFC fighting and then the Oscars on Sunday. A perfect storm of television so to speak.

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