Friday, March 30, 2012

War Realm campaign kick off

So this weekend, after initial moves have been made on the campaign map, the gaming club that I have been in since the dawn of time is kicking off its first Warhammer Fantasy campaign. Many attempts have been made to do this. Many have failed. However this time we are actually pulling this off thanks to the dedication and organization of club members that have stuck with the game no matter what. What started off as a predominantly 40k club has watched as that game got bastardized and slowly made a almost complete transition to Warhammer Fantasy.

So with this campaign and the amount of modeling time I did to get a 2K list complete in about 3 weeks, I need to learn the rules fast and get the sticky aspects down. The main thing that still gives me issues are all the cavalry rules and how they move and wheel. Cavalry also can be Fast, Vanguard, Scout and Monstrous.

That is a ton of rules and requires you to know your army book front and back. So today I plan on hitting up a few message boards and posting some really dumbass questions out there in the hopes of clearing up rules questions I have. In the first turn of the campaign I have carefully plotted to avoid conflict at all this upcoming Sunday. If it means I do not play so be it. That gives me extra time to model and even start painting. Just FYI I do miss my Ogre army. I was very ticked off when I stopped playing and then months later a new book came out. Expect to possibly see me take the reigns of that army again. My primary goals are: Tomb Kings (and paint them) and as a side project Empire then Ogres later in the year. Our campaign map is shown below.