Friday, April 13, 2012

MoP Beta

Why do they call it a beta invite when no one does any beta testing. Just call it "early preview invite" and get it over with. Also why so excited? It's an expansion that adds a new starting zone (yippee) and some new dungeons. Relax people. It's more of the same. Yes I am in, but no I dont really care. Although I haven't played WoW in weeks it is still the most polished MMO out there with the best feature sets. However I think my days of get over excited about a beta invite for something like this are way behind me.

I logged in and saw this:

 And I immediately logged out.

Sure I can get in and take a look...only to have to do this shit all over again in a few weeks. If you want to give me a "beta" invite do it when the fucking thing is starting not when it is basically a free public preview. Beta my ass...