Friday, April 6, 2012

Terrible 1500 point game vs Skaven

Ok. Still learning our armies. I made probably the worst list ever for a 1500 point battle against our clubs Skaven player.

I still have refused to use the conventional Tomb King units. No chariots and no warsphinx this game either. I want to see how bad these normal units are and they are damn bad. Tomb Kings have near zero offensive magic. I passed up a Vortex spell to take my healing spell this time around (the signature one)

I am still not sure how my units work, but tonight I still forgot army rules

a) horse archers get SCOUTING and VANGUARD. I have yet to remember this shit
b) forgot my fear AGAIN
c) I remembered the other rules and got to test them all...INCLUDING UNSTABLE!
d) I really think we need more terrain in our games

Ok so real quick

This game was over in 3 turns as I conceded and gave up the Skaven player smoked my ass


1) My general died in turn 1. I tried something new and brought cheap character to lead my army and skimped on leadership and took more core. Guess what doesn't work. When a TK general dies the army slowly disintegrates

2) Don hit every artillery shot but one

3) After my general died I had to start rolling to see if my units turn to dust. You make a LD test if you fail you lose models according to difference in the roll and the LD. I lost an entire unit of Skeleton Archers that failed the LD save with a roll of 12 killing 7

4) Bone Giant had cracks call cast on it, he has a one initiative, he fell in a hole and died instantly. Never took one swing at the enemy. Fuck you Cracks Call

5) Skaven player had a brass orb he tossed at me and killed like 9 dudes

6) At one point the poison wind mortar MISSED my screaming skull catapult and scattered perfectly onto my full unit of skeleton warriors, killing 9

7) Screaming skull catapult missed once, so I placed it between his units expecting a scatter on my second shot. Instead I rolled a direct hit...ON EMPTY FUCKING GROUND

8) Ushabti fought well almost killed the Abomination outright in one round of combat but they were outmatched by Rat Ogre flank charge near end of game

9) Liche Priests suck but are not flammable. Taking one level 2 Lord and General with 2 wounds...not a good idea to lead your army

10) I suck at every facet of this game including deployment

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