Friday, May 25, 2012

38 Studios....get over it

I'm tired of the fact that every time a company that is doing NOTHING ORIGINAL bombs on a huge boring MMO project and fine people lose their jobs there is a sentiment of "what a shame" floating around the MMO bloggers and apologists.

Look: the MMO industry is stale and boring right now. As evidenced by the 10 million dollar flop that Star Wars the Old Republic will be voice acting and gimmicks will not get you by. The industry bubble needs to pop and this may be one of the many recent straws that breaks the proverbial camel's back.

Sure it is bad that people will lose their jobs but you know what? You knew what you were in for. People lose jobs everyday and making another fucking generic MMO in a genre with a TON of them many free to play is going to get you nowhere but Bustville folks.

I am glad this is happening. Get these companies out of the market, get em off the ideas of orcs and tanking and shitty retread MMO's and get them thinking out of the box. A little like Tera did. Just a little but not enough.

STOP MAKING SHITBAG FANTASY MMO's we don't need em, the public is bored of them and no one cares.

Full press release on the 38 Studios layoffs can be seen here:

And by the way Amalur was garbage. A shitty console fighter at best no better than Darksiders.

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