Monday, May 28, 2012

Comic book recovery and digital collecting

The Marvel and DC comic digital applications have revived my love for comic books. While my collection is not as vast as a hardcore collector I do have quite a bit as can be seen here:

Now with the digital applications and my iPad2 I can get caught up AND save on storage space. Do I miss handling the comic and have it in my hands and then bagging it and putting it in the box? Not really. Do I dislike that what I have now is a digital version that can only be accessed with an internet connection? Yes. I feel like I don't really "own" the book. The same way as I didn't really "own" my online Magic the Gathering collection.

Not that Marvel or DC will suddenly disappear. But what if they did. Would all that money be wasted?

Magic the Gathering Online is still going strong (it has had a longer lifespan than some crappy MMO's) so maybe there is not much to worry about. Yet that feeling is always in the back of your mind.

Magic the Gathering Online:

So with the digital comics application in the iTunes stores I can have alerts sent, browse by series, have instant delivery, sort by character, titles, artist etc etc and read the comics in frame by frame zoom mode as well. Purists will hate it but personally I like it. As I near the end of the comic it even takes me to the next issue in the series or shows related titles.

To track all my titles (physical and digital) I used Comic Collectorz. I have used this app for a while and find it to be the best. It boasts outstanding features and even has a wi-fi sync to my iPad2.

You can find the app here:

I made a new category for all comics to list whether it is digital or not. You can fine tune the fields in the database with a simple click.

If you need an application on your iPad to browse BOTH Marvel and DC check out the application called "COMICS". The only comic platform that has Marvel, DC and The Walking Dead all in one so you can have both accounts in one application and not have to load two separate ones depending on publisher.

More info on that application here: