Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Four Color Figures SuperSystem

My skirmish game of choice has always revolved around wanting to play some sort of Superhero system. I wanted to start with Heroclix but that just was not up my alley. I need a game that's fast and not as intense as Warhammer for days when I just feel like beating things up and having fun.

SuperSystem Third Edition
Powerful Heroes! Deadly Villains! Horrible Henchmen!

SuperSystem 3rd edition updates the world's most comprehensive and versatile super skirmish game with revised mechanics that speed play and allow for increased diversity in character design.

Built to work with SuperFigs or any other brand of Super miniatures (in 28mm or 15mm scale), SuperSystem provides a flexible setting and campaign rules that will allow players to further develop stories and characters with each scenario played.

All players need to get started are these rules, a handful of miniatures, six-sided dice, and their imaginations!

However my gaming buddy turned me onto SuperSystem which seems to be the perfect fit.

There is even an Annex site with a way to convert many popular Marvel characters to the system.

What I intend to do is take all my Heroclix models and chop them off the bases and attach them to Warmachine 30mm bases (the only thing Warmachine is good for). That way I can flock and base and have entire Marvel teams ready to go.


  1. MODOK will crush you for using HIS image without express written consent from A.I.M.

  2. Oh we will see about that.