Saturday, May 26, 2012

Slowest Diablo 3 leveler ever: this guy right here

A lot of my friends are 60 and playing the game on levels I can only dream of after just about 2 weeks of playing Diablo 3. Not me. I am still in normal mode with no character over level 19. That is right: I am the most retardedly slow Diablo 3 player in the world.

Part of this is because I have a myriad of hobbies. I do not sit in front of my computer all the time anymore and I do a lot of things away from home. I read comics, I play miniature games, I watch movies and I work like a mother fucker. Still work is just a means to pay for my Warhammer and Infinity.

I spent some time on my Diablo 3 alts this week namely my Monk. I have been experimenting on the games random spawns and events and testing to see how random the loot drops are. I did get a yellow doll out of chest with my monk so of course now I have to play a witch doctor. I like this pace. I have turned off the instant join feature so that my power gaming friends cannot come in and one shot my bosses. After 10 years I am taking my time and doing everything.

My monk has a nice ability called deadly reach. In the Festering Woods near the end of Act 1 this comes in handy with those annoying spirit spawns that teleport all over. He also has the ability to close the distance fast with a dashing strike move. Once he gets into it he can dish out a lot of damage. I want to work on my wizard next perhaps this weekend. Until then I will be on Daimos my monk.

Thus far the game is fairly easy although I have died due to some unexpected consequences in Act 2. Some of those monsters are very irritating to track down as a melee character.

Darr, my barbarian, is in Act 2 and having a blast. I want all the achievements though so I want each alt to work through the first few stages.

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