Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Warhammer Fantasy Army: Lizardmen switch

As many may or may not know I sold my entire Tomb Kings army and switched to Lizardmen about a month ago and have not looked back since. I never really liked the lore of the Tomb Kings and the army just did not suit my play style. Not a knock on the book or anything but when I envisioned the army I wanted more undead and not giant blocks of monstrous cavalry which is dominating the play scene nowadays.

A Tomb King army for me is not huge units of Necropolis Knights and Necrosphinxes. I don't want to rely on that to get by. I wanted large units of skeletons and such and to be honest the Tomb King magic really fucking sucks.

So I adjusted and went back to the army I had before I quit which was Lizardmen. I'm a huge dinosaur nerd and I like their lore. I like the models, I had an idea of a paint scheme going in and I love those damn stegadons they are just too cool.

So my army is almost complete model wise. Still some minor assembling to do and then of course its all about painting. The army needs to be visually different from within. Skinks need to be a different color than the warriors to symbolize their place in the society.

I also have purchased a entire Wood Elf army off of Ebay (which came with a GW hard case). That gives me a good army and an army that many think is the worst in the game. But again I love the Wood Elf lore the models and I love shooty armies.

You can view the army work in progress thread at our gaming club's forums here:


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