Friday, June 1, 2012

Coming to grips with the Witch Doctor

So most of my alts in Diablo III are onto Act 2 except for my demon hunter EmoStar. I am finally getting my Witch Doctor up to speed and he is coming into his own at level 15. The main tactic I take is throw as much shit as you can at the enemy and hide behind a wall or around the corner in dungeons.

I use no snare spell but instead go for maximum summons. My hotbar is as follows:

Since that screenshot I have also added Zombie Charger in spot 3. So thats 3 dogs, toads and a stream of zombies at the enemy. Add to that jars of jumping spiders and it is quite a bit for the enemy to handle. Using this lineup I breezed through the end of Act 1.

I had a slight issue with the Butcher and had to swap in for grasping dead with an eel rune on it to kill him due to how much he moved around and forced me to stay at range. The Zombie Charger is cool but the range sucks. I tried to keep the butcher off screen and just chuck spiders at him. I hardly ever use my blowdart to be honest.

The Witch Doctor is starting to grow on me but I want him to summon cooler things. I miss the Necromancer lets be honest. A demon would be nice.